Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Vernon, NY to Wingdale, NY

Mile 1250
We're in Connecticut! Well, the motel we're in is in NY, but the trail is in CT. We'll be in the state for a couple days, then Massachusetts for a few days, then Vermont.
First and foremost, this week we learned that Beau was accepted into George Mason University's MBA program!! We are SO excited. He'll be starting classes this fall.
This week has been really hot. Like sometimes unbearably hot. Because of this, we've been doing some slightly shorter days to make life better. Instead of doing 20-23 mile days, we have been aiming for 18-20. This has made a huge difference in morale.
We met a couple hikers in the hostel in Vernon that we liked and continued to hike with for a few days. Sometimes I get too caught up in doing miles and don't pause for fun things. Being with other people helps me be more fun like stop for a swim in a lake or enjoy the zoo the trail passes through. The zoo is more of an animal sanctuary- they only have local animals that are injured or unfit to survive in the wild. This is also where the lowest point on the AT exists, at the bear habitat.
Luckily this week has presented us with several shower opportunities. We've found that rinsing our shirts out between laundry days GREATLY improves our smell and general hygiene. Seriously, this week has felt luxurious with fresh-ish shirts and 5pm quitting times.
One fun thing we've been doing lately. I started reading Les Miserables after Harper's Ferry. Every morning, I relay what I read the night before and we discuss the story. It's a fun way to pass some time and have something new to talk about.
We've been chilling in the motel for most of the day watching patriotic movies such as Independence Day and 1776. And eating Ben and Jerry's. It's funny how on the trail, the idea of laying in bed watching TV and eating sounds awesome, but when the rest day actually comes, we just get bored after a couple of hours.
We're excited to get back to hiking and will soon hit the 1500 mile mark! It is hard to believe we have walked all this way!


  1. that's pretty much we've been doing all day for the 4th. tv and eating. and i think i'll break out my ben and jerry's for the occasion too! congrats on hitting 1500 miles soon!

  2. You guys are awesome. I love hearing what you have come up with to keep yourselves entertained! Les Mis, eh? That's a long read for a long hike. And congrats to Beau!!

  3. Congrats Beau!!!! And we watched Independence Day on the 4th as well. Yay! You guys are doing great. And saying that it's hot is an understatement. It's been blistering outside. Sheesh. Quick question. Where is the best place to get affordable camping gear. You two seem like you'd be the experts on this topic :)

    1. Thank you thank you! I'd look at or maybe Also, Craigslist!

  4. Yes, congrats on the MBA acceptance, that is outstanding!

    You are sounding more leveled out in tone. You have a great distance in front of you, and much to experience yet. Don't let real-world agitations set it yet. Plenty of time for that WAY down the trail. People too often concern themselves with what will be, and not enough on what is. You guys are doing wonderfully and it's rather nice to know you are both alive, healthy and well! :)

    Anna, the answer to your question is long, complicated and challenging. Not sure if you'll get a quick response? I'd suggest you look to and look around a bit. Also understand the basics of camping and backpacking, and the differences of each. Camping really is a whole different ball game than what this lovely young couple is experiencing.

    Stay positive, get your rest when needed and hike on!

    We are all routing for you both!
    ~ Cheers

    1. Thanks for the tips and comments, as always!!