Wednesday, October 12, 2011

no longer a fraud

Want to hear something embarrassing?

I finished my last semester at BYU in April 2010.  I had one GE requirement left to fill- Civ II. I originally planned to take it spring semester, but since I was able to find a job so quickly, it made more sense to take History 202 through independent study so I could work full time. My goal was to finish it by the end of the year, when we'd be leaving Utah anyway.

I just took the final a week ago. And was sure I failed it. But miraculously, I passed! So I can finally proceed with actually graduating from BYU.

Oh, and in case anyone was wondering, we did survive the aforementioned Civil War Century just fine. I would even say it was one of the more enjoyable centuries we've done.  The first quarter was a killer and I was contemplating doing the short route, but then I had a little conversation with myself and was able to finish with no problem.

First rest stop at Gathland State Park

Nothing beats a PBJ.

Finished! With free ice cream!

Beau's got the Seagull Century in Assateague, VA this week. I opted out because my month is so full of horse stuff, so this will be the first century we haven't done together.

This picture cracks me up. Every Sunday when we come into our class, the accordion divider is open and Beau closes it with the kids "helping". This week, Beau and I must have been setting up chairs or something because before we knew it, the kids had  closed it themselves. Teamwork. It was so cute how they were evenly spaced out pushing it shut.

Also, we have a new nephew! Truman, or "Big Baby" (both from Toy Story and referring to his 10 lb 8 oz size).

We love having 6 nieces and 6 nephews! And 2 more baby girls on the way!

Finally, last weekend I competed in my first recognized event with Jimmer. Stay tuned for more pictures.