Monday, January 25, 2010

southern utah adventure

Dear BYU,

Thanks for sending us on a wonderful trip to lovely St. George last weekend.

I know that the intended purpose was for me to interview some people in Fillmore, Cedar City, Kanab, and St. George about the Placement Program, but we really spent most of our time playing.

We quite enjoyed driving the cute little Prius you gave us to use. We are still trying to figure out how it knows to unlock the door when the keys are in my pocket and my hand is just at the door handle. It is a smart little thing. It doesn't unlock if I wave the key by the handle, only when my hand is just about to grab the handle and the key is nearby. It is also so smart that it locks the door for me when it sees me walking away with the keys. But I'm sure you already know this, because it is your car.

Thank you for paying for our hotels and food, too. We made a rule that we would only go to non-chain restaurants (something I think I will adopt for the rest of my life). Because of you and your fantastic usage of member's tithing, we were able go to fine dining such as Arshel's in Beaver, UT.

We also appreciate you providing me with hours to pay for a GPS system to guide us around foreign territory. Because of it, we were able to find Snow Canyon, Fremont Indian State Park, and the Shade Outlet store.

(That picture ^ was taken standing on here v )

The drive through Zion National Forest was especially beautiful. I though it was funny that we could experience snowy canyons and dry deserts all within a few hours.

So, thanks again, Cecil. This almost compensates for not letting us publish any findings.


Mackenzie and Beau

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

what we learned in 2009

- Beau may have a hard time getting to an 8am class on time, but 6am basketball is not a problem.
- Mackenzie is much happier when she is riding regularly.
- Beau is much happier when Mackenzie is riding regularly.
- 30 Rock > The Office
- Latina ladies at California Tortilla see Beau as a pretty cute green card.
- How not to run a business. I don't think I should go any further, because this IS the internets, after all.
- If you're subletting your apartment, change the bills our of your name because the other tenants miiiight not pay their bills.
- Beau is a much better Russian student than engineering.
- Just because you had a calling in nursery in one ward does not make you immune to it in the next.
- You can go until about December 3rd without turning the heat on in your apartment.

I am one week into my last semester at BYU (except for 1 class in the spring- but we won't count that. And maybe more if I want to repeat classes to raise my GPA) and already counting down the days till we can leave Utah. Too bad Beau doesn't graduate until December 2010. Less than a year, right?

I am finishing up the interviews for the Placement Program with a trip to St. George this weekend, and just started a new job as a secretary in the Sociology department. The highlight of my day is getting the mail. Beau has been reffing for Provo City basketball and should be starting work with the census soon administering surveys to the Russian American population.

Hm, no pictures for this one? Let's pick a random one from the archives of my computer.

Scrawny newborn Carson.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


I get a big fat FAIL for not taking very many pictures over Christmas break.

BOTH of our parents came to Utah this year, so we got to see lots of family.

My trainer was out of town for a few days, so the first half of my break was spent mostly at the barn. Nothing like feeding and mucking out stalls on Christmas morning. Meant to take a photo there. Didn't happen.

Christmas morning was hilarious- so much more fun when there are little kids super excited to play with new toys. And my mom made the craziest pajamas for the kiddies. All Carson needs is a couple gold chains and his Halloween pimp costume is set.

Christmas afternoon we went to Alyse's house and hung out and saw Avatar in 3D. Note Beau's new Christmas sweater.

Okay, I don't get why people are saying how amazing this movie is. The visual effects are fantastic, especially in 3D, but the plot was terribly predictable and, as a friend pointed out, already done in Fern Gully. And Pocahontas. As documented here.

We went on a few field trips- like the Bean Museum (pictured), Jumpin Jax, and everyone came to see the horses while I was working.

Baby Cooper was blessed the Sunday after Christmas. Isn't he darling? I hope my babies have hair. Oh wait, but I'm a Dickson.

Me and Martha are BFFL. Her brother lives in SLC and she was visiting for the holidays.

And in between working at the barn, skiing, and playing with kids we painted our apartment! We're not quite done, so I'll put up pictures when we're all finished.

And this paint really is yellow, but the flash made it look otherwise...