Thursday, March 12, 2009


I've been working a bit at a home for at-risk youth in the area, to start an equestrian program. They have three (ugly) old horses, barbed wire fences, and a couple run-in sheds. And that's what I have to work with. We spent a few hours there the past couple Saturdays working with the kids on building some stalls.

Crude, but it works.

Dirty horse #2 eating hay in her new stall:

Some of the girls enjoyed decorating the new "barn":

Our lovely kitchen table and chairs were left to us from the previous tenants, and we soon discovered that they're not the most sturdy. But hey, they were free, so what do we care? Anyway, Beau sat down the other day and the chair completely fell apart:

We have a couple folding chairs (we bring out the big guns for guests) so don't worry, I didn't make Beau stand for meals after this.

So, we added a trip Ikea to our list of things to do Saturday. Neither of us had ever been to Ikea before, and HOLY CRAP IT'S HUGE. Seriously, I felt like one of the little mice the graduate students experiment with on the 12th floor of the SWKT. After aimlessly wandering around the displays, we found ourself at the warehouse portion where we picked out an almost identical replacement chair. Many thanks to Zack and Jocelyn for the gift card. :)

Then we went to a session at the Timpanogas temple, which I'd never been to before. It's fun to see the differences in each temple. I especially liked the chapel windows. I've heard the Draper temple is fantastic, but we have yet to go there.

After a quick stop to for Petey, the horse I feed every night (Beau found it amusing to see me working with a horse in a skirt and heels. I assured him it was not the first time.), we went to Red Robin to use yet another gift card. Those bottomless steak fries are dangerous.

Oh, one more thing! Apparently, it was our 2 monthiversary the other day. We were driving to something, and Beau kept asking about what I would be okay with splurging on for a dessert. I thought he was just interested in my calorie-watching hobby, but no. I returned home later to find this:

An apple pie! He scoured the pie section to find the least fattening one. Cute.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Oh, Tanya Harding.

"All publicity is good publicity?" Do people, as she says, still pay to see her?

I would pay to see those bangs.