Thursday, April 29, 2010

songs that make my heart hurt.

Back in high school, I was a lot more "into"music than I am now.  I hung out with the choir/drama kids, and I had a couple friends that were always sharing new bands or albums that I still love now.

Most people have a "favorites" folder on their iTunes, which has a hundred or so of your absolute favorite songs, and I started a playlist titled, "songs that make my heart hurt" for those select few songs that the moment you hear it, you have to stop and listen they're that good. I don't add to it very often, so it's a big deal when I hear a song I deem worthy of the heart hurt list.

Newest addition to the list:

"Cosmic Love" by Florence the Machine

Dear radio, please don't fall in love with this song like I did and kill it. Love, Mackenzie.

The rest of the list- if you care- after the jump...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

spring! and a fantastic weekend.

If you look closely, you will notice that Beau is wearing a t shirt.  This is because he did not graduate, and actually, I didn't either. The only reason I would want to walk is for the photo op- and so we took care of that by borrowing a couple friend's attire for a few minutes to create some false memories.

In actuality, I have one class left (an independent study class) and Beau has one more semester.

I have a life goal to hike the entire Appalachian Trail, a 2,000 mile trail that runs from Georgia to Maine. (Read all about that here). We were going to take a two week long trip in August to cover a section, but after seeing ticket prices to VA ($500 for one round trip ticket!) we thought it might be a better idea to backpack somewhere around here, and buy some equipment rather than borrow from my parents. Saturday, we went to a local outdoors shop and REI to get some information about equipment and figure out what things we were going to purchase. 

In the afternoon we did a little day hike in Rock Canyon, something we will go back to do when all the snow has melted and we can get up to Squaw Peak.

Bright and sunny, yet several feet of snow on the ground. In some places where Beau walked, his foot fell through snow past his knee.

That night, a bunch of Beau's freshman friends got together for a little park BBQ.

I am loving this warm weather and no school! Now I get to start the really fun process of finding a job...