Thursday, April 29, 2010

songs that make my heart hurt.

Back in high school, I was a lot more "into"music than I am now.  I hung out with the choir/drama kids, and I had a couple friends that were always sharing new bands or albums that I still love now.

Most people have a "favorites" folder on their iTunes, which has a hundred or so of your absolute favorite songs, and I started a playlist titled, "songs that make my heart hurt" for those select few songs that the moment you hear it, you have to stop and listen they're that good. I don't add to it very often, so it's a big deal when I hear a song I deem worthy of the heart hurt list.

Newest addition to the list:

"Cosmic Love" by Florence the Machine

Dear radio, please don't fall in love with this song like I did and kill it. Love, Mackenzie.

The rest of the list- if you care- after the jump...
Songs That Make My Heart Hurt

Somewhere Only We Know -- Keane

Breakable-- Ingrid Michaelson

What Sarah Said-- Death Cab for Cutie

Doubting Thomas-- Nickel Creek

The Luckiest-- Ben Folds

I Will Follow You Into the Dark-- Death Cab for Cutie

Clocks-- Coldplay

Styrofoam Plates-- Death Cab for Cutie

Such Great Heights-- the Postal Service AND the cover by Iron & Wine

Starlight-- Muse

Last Kiss-- Pearl Jam

Samson-- Regina Spektor

Viva la Vida-- Coldplay

Halo-- Beyonce


  1. I remember this playlist :)

    Also, we need to get together. What are your and Beau's summer plans??

  2. mmmmm starlight. makes my heart hurt fo sho. I love that Beyonce made the list too :)

  3. Where did you find that song? I played it for Rob and then when I showed up after work yesterday he was blasting it and didn't even realize I was in the room. Awesome.