Wednesday, November 3, 2010

oh hey, november

Isn't this picture just the greatest? I know I already talked about Ashley's wedding, but her photos turned out so well I had to share more. Next time I get married I am using her photographer.

The whole fam. Well, until Page has her baby in a few months. It's so challenging to keep an updated family photo... Also, I love that even though all four of us got married in the DC temple, all of our group shots were unintentionally taken in different locations.

Dallyn sat on Ashley's lap for most of the morning, taking everything in. There were a million of Ashley's friends doing her hair and makeup all morning and Dally was a little overwhelmed.

Well that's my little Ashley wedding montage.

Sadly, I didn't really take any picture during our Halloween weekend. We went to Park City to spend time with several friends at their condo, playing games, watching the Sister Wives marathon (I don't recommend it) and making caramel apples.

Brittany and I are thinking about going into the business.

Oh, and my bike got stolen. That was fun. Bought a new one, that was more fun.

To prevent this blog from being all about cycling and running adventures, I created a fitness blog, appropriately titled . Hop on over to read about our second century, the new bike, and the half marathon I did this past weekend.

 Peace out, homies!