Saturday, July 2, 2011

a race, a mission, a job, a car

I am happy to report that both Beau and I have jobs!

Beau's ultimate goal is to work for the FBI, CIA, DIA, or some other acronym.  Unfortunately, the hiring process takes FOREVER, so Beau has been looking for something else in the meantime.  A couple weeks ago he was able to get a job in quality control at Don's Johns, a portable restroom company.  Also, when he was interviewing there, they mentioned another position open and I was able to interview and be hired for that as well.  Random? Absolutely.  But we really like the company and people and we're in a good situation. 

Hooray for jobs!

You might think this would save us from buying a second car. But my work day starts at 7:30, and going to the gym beforehand puts me out the door at 5:30. Beau doesn't need to be there till 9, and some days he finishes later than me. A lot of good Craigslist searching (really just checking it every half hour) lead us to finding our little Hyundai Accent. Beau looked through hundreds of used car ads to find one that had low enough miles and within our price range.

On a totally unrelated note (but the only thing I have pictures from), I ran my second half marathon! This was the first race ever that I did by myself- I couldn't cajole any friends, sisters, husbands, or moms to join me.  It went really well and I definitely had more fun in this race than others I've done.  Full report can be found here.


I love me some Vibrams.

This is Rosario. We met at the starting line and ran the whole thing together!

Beau gets a gold star and 50 points for being my support staff.  He woke up at 4:30 to drive to the race in Pennsylvania while I slept in the car, ate the pre race donuts they had out, took some pictures, cheered me at the finish, fetched my post race snacks while I got a massage, and drove me home. Way to go, husband.

Jobs-check. Car- check. Now we're on a mission for an apartment...