Friday, September 13, 2013

Summer is also for...

... thru hikers and trail magic

... jump roping with goggles, a flashlight, and binoculers (why not, right?)
.... beautiful Virginia
.... an overabundance of peaches
....our summit-versary
... big girls losing teeth (and my mom's new obsession with mediterranean food! yum!)
.... being a little afraid of the edge 
... summer goals that include breakfast for dinner

.... the Appalachian Trail
.... state fairs and salty legs
.... Bull Run Battlefield
... solo hikes in new places
..... obscenely large produce
.... birthday pool parties 

.... Stonewall Jackson
... all the grandchildren with Grandmama and Pappy
.... new tents 
.... and the beach!
lots of beaching babies
 record attendence (70 something people!)

morning devotionals

more babes

 OBX is heaven

Monday, September 9, 2013

Summer is for Cycling

The summer of 2013 was a good one. Almost every Saturday we were on our bikes and enjoyed the mild temperatures and (relatively) low humidity this summer offered us. We made excellent usage of our pass to Shenandoah National Park, access to the beautiful scenery in Fauquier and Loudoun Counties, and rode in a century outside of Richmond in August.

Kind of like in hiking, (and life?) we don't take enough pictures. Typical scene: We'll pass something mildly interesting and one of us will say, "Oh look at that cool ____!" "We should take a picture." "Do you want to stop?" "...No."

And then we don't.

But here's what I've got!

(Clearly Beau is more likely than me to actually take a photo, as most of these are of me...)

probably checking google maps to see find a new route after hitting a gravel road

Beautiful day on Skyline Drive

sweat in my eyes! aaah!

another good Skyline day

I love mah bike.

I think this was another time we were checking google maps to find a not gravel road

never gets old

I don't remember the occaison for this picture.

waiting for the train in Manassas

This was after our century in Ashland, VA. I found a buddy, and we were best friends 100 miles later.
after 100 miles and 120 miles, respectively
Summer was awesome, but for some reason I have been really excited for the fall.  I can't wait for sweaters and squash season. On a larger scale, we're moving to a new apartment (My parents basement! Dreams do come true!) and we've been gradually moving our stuff to Ashburn and scouring Craiglist for furniture.