Saturday, January 9, 2010


I get a big fat FAIL for not taking very many pictures over Christmas break.

BOTH of our parents came to Utah this year, so we got to see lots of family.

My trainer was out of town for a few days, so the first half of my break was spent mostly at the barn. Nothing like feeding and mucking out stalls on Christmas morning. Meant to take a photo there. Didn't happen.

Christmas morning was hilarious- so much more fun when there are little kids super excited to play with new toys. And my mom made the craziest pajamas for the kiddies. All Carson needs is a couple gold chains and his Halloween pimp costume is set.

Christmas afternoon we went to Alyse's house and hung out and saw Avatar in 3D. Note Beau's new Christmas sweater.

Okay, I don't get why people are saying how amazing this movie is. The visual effects are fantastic, especially in 3D, but the plot was terribly predictable and, as a friend pointed out, already done in Fern Gully. And Pocahontas. As documented here.

We went on a few field trips- like the Bean Museum (pictured), Jumpin Jax, and everyone came to see the horses while I was working.

Baby Cooper was blessed the Sunday after Christmas. Isn't he darling? I hope my babies have hair. Oh wait, but I'm a Dickson.

Me and Martha are BFFL. Her brother lives in SLC and she was visiting for the holidays.

And in between working at the barn, skiing, and playing with kids we painted our apartment! We're not quite done, so I'll put up pictures when we're all finished.

And this paint really is yellow, but the flash made it look otherwise...


  1. I crossed my fingers for Miller to have hair too. (my side of the family comes out bald). He did have hair and it was so cute and then he kind of lost some of it. I hope baby girl Parks has hair and keeps it!!

  2. Funny to see the link to our bald babies. Everett does have hair though, so you have a chance!