Thursday, July 26, 2012

Etna, NH to Lincoln, NH

Mile 1811

We're in the White Mountains!

As you can see from the handy mileage count at the beginning if each post, we are getting closer and closer to the homestretch. The most fun part of the last 400 miles is that the scenery is so different from the first 1800 miles. The Whites and Maine are more mountainous, have beautiful lakes, and just feel different. The hiking is also harder, so you can't expect to be doing the 125 miles a week we've been doing since Virginia.

We climbed our first peak of the Whites the other day in rain and wind. We couldn't see more than 50 feet ahead of us. The climb down was super challenging with slippery rocks. We decided to go into town a day earlier than planned at an earlier road, because it would allow us to slackpack the next day and end up back at the same town. We met up with some friends and had a blast hiking Mt Kinsman yesterday on a nice clear day.

A second night at the hostel in Lincoln allowed Beau to see the Batman movie, which he was dying to see. This morning the weather is looking super sketchy and calling for thunderstorms, so I'm not really sure how many miles we will be able to do. Normally we don't bother with weather reports, but in the Whites, a lot of time is spent above treeline, so we're actually going to bother planning around a storm.

Sorry this is a bit short, but we're about to get going!

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