Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wingdale, NY to Williamstown, MA

Mile 1587

Since our last resupply, we have had some really pleasant weather and good hiking. Mass is more hilly than some of the recent states and even though most of the climbs seem like pointless ups and downs, we feel like we are hiking again. The final three states will have much more challenging terrain.

Before hiking into MA, the trail brought us through the lovely little town of Salisbury. The grocery store, coffee shop, restaurants, pharmacy, etc. are all within the little town square. Perfect for tired hikers.  It was also pretty ritzy.  Beau talked to a guy in a smoking jacket who was interested in writing an article about the trail, and Mackenzie loved how everyone had little dogs and that we saw someone in riding pants and field boots.

We have had some good trail magic. Our guide book pointed us to the home of 'the Cookie Lady'. She and her husband live 100 yards off the trail and invite hikers to come get free cookies. Another day, we were stopped briefly by a road, and a couple pulled over and asked if we were thru hiking. When we said yes, they brought out grocery bags with fruit, chips and salsa, lemonade, and brownies. They thru hiked in 2011 and we had fun chatting with them about the trail.

Today we summitted the highest point in MA, Mt Greylock.  At the top is a large tower and a beautiful lodge. It looks like it would be a great place for a getaway! They had some delicious homemade sorbet and the restaurant looked really good, too.

I'm not sure why, but this week we found ourselves hiking with other people more often. A lot of people are surprised to hear that most people, even while traveling with a group, hike solo. When we're with a "bubble" and are staying at the same shelter, people leave at different times, have different hiking paces, take breaks at different times, and usually hike most of the day alone. Beau and I stick together, of course, but most people don't alter their walking pace to stay with someone. This week, we happened to hike with a few different people for much of the day and it's been a fun change of pace. Usually we walk with older people because we're kind of slow. :)

We're about to head out to grab a shuttle back from to the trail, and it's into Vermont we go!

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