Friday, June 29, 2012

Palmerton, PA to Vernon, NY

Mile 1351

Sunday, after attending the branch meetings in Palmerton, we got back on the trail.  Leaving town after some time off is usually hard, but we were ready to get back to hiking after our zero day.  We got to the turnoff for our shelter around 6pm and talked about what we wanted to make for dinner.  We saw a family already at the shelter, and were surprised to see that there was some awesome trail magic waiting for us! Two adult brothers and two daughters have a tradition of packing up a full barbeque dinner up to this particular shelter every year.  One of the brothers is a former (two time!) thru hiker and they were awesome to hang out with.  They brought burgers, hot dogs, corn, potatoes, watermelon, cherries, oranges, s'mores, etc.  Beau ate 3 hamburgers, 3 hot dogs, 3 ears of corn, and a baked potato.

Best trail magic ever!

The next day was (thankfully) our last day in Pennsylvania.  By this time, we were definitely ready to be out of the boring scenery and rocks.  Really, the first half of Pennsylvania was lovely. But we needed out.  We stayed at the church hostel in Delaware Water Gap and enjoyed pie at the local bakery- a must if you are hiking through DWG.

The next day we hiked .3 miles and were into New Jersey.  We finally had some nice views and really liked Sunfish pond.

Also, did anyone else know that New Jersey has a mini Washington monument?

The trail goes through some marshy areas in NJ and we walked on this boardwalk for a while.

Sorry for the brief post.  We're definitely still having fun and loving the trail, but I feel like things are pretty routine over here! I'm having a hard time thinking of anything out of the ordinary to report.

I'll leave you with a photo of me and a cow we met in Palmerton.


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