Monday, April 23, 2012

Pictures Galore

Here's a massive picture dump.  I wasn't very selective on the pictures I uploaded.  I'll try to put some rudimentary captions for the pictures with hopes that Mackenzie will correct/ add to my captions.  

Enjoy a walk with Mackenzie from Springer Mountain, GA to Gatlinburg, TN
Springer Mt.
Southern Terminus of the Appalachian Trail

John, or "Pappy" signing the log book

Great waterfall- Long Falls, I believe? On day 1.

So zen-like
(someone help me, which warrior pose is this?-Beau)

All smiles

Tents at Gooch Gap

view from Blood Mountain

Mountain Crossing.
The trail runs through this building,
On the right is an outfitter and on the left is a hostel

Trail Magic!! This trail club was handing out hot dogs, fruit, soda, cookies, etc.

100 miles!

Atop Albert Mt

Climbing out of the NOC

Taking a break at the top of a tower

Mackenzie's trail friend, Rose
(she's pretty awesome.  Thanks Rose. - Beau )

Tent City at Fontana Dam. I thought the crammed tents were funny. :)

Fontana Hilton shelter

Fontana Dam

in the morning, leaving Fontana for the Smokies

some tower a few miles into the Smokies

mile 184! Exactly 2,000 to go

Kerry from New Hampshire, Willie from Vermont, and Progress

This tree was uprooted.  Look at the size of that rock!

I should have posted these pictures sooner, so sorry dear readers of this blog.  I have been busy gathering my supplies and preparing to join my wife on this adventure.

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