Saturday, April 21, 2012

"Tell My Mom Not to Worry" a photo book by Ben Benvie

In the 2011 Appalachian Trail Conservancy annual 2000 miler report, they had a several page photo spread of various thru hiker photos.  A couple in particular caught my eye- I really liked the photojournalistic approach of the photographer.

A while back, I was googling around and stumbled upon the same photos on Ben Benvie's photo blog. Ben is a photographer who thru hiked in 2010 and took photos all along the way.  His images are amazing. Purely and simply amazing. I looked through each and every trail photo that day (and there were lots!), completely captivated by the images. I emailed them to Beau and my parents, and we looked through all of them again that evening.  I have never seen any other collection of photos that so accurately portrays the spirit of the Appalachian Trail and the culture of thru hiking.

At that time, I was looking for ideas to create a blog header and emailed him about permission to use a couple images.  He was kind enough to allow it, and told me he was in the process of creating a photo book of his work.  This year's ATC 2000 miler report came in the mail just before i
 left, and there was a full advertisement for Ben's photo book

I'm thinking this will be a "Hooray you finished!" gift in the fall... and I can't wait to see it.

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