Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hiawasee, GA to Franklin, NC

109 miles in!!!

The past few days have been very different for me than the first week.  My parents dropped me off on Saturday morning at the road crossing where we had left off.  I knew I would miss them, but I was surprised at how terribly lonely I felt after they left.  Thankfully there are plenty of hikers around and I usually have some fun people to hang out with.  But I am learning to deal with being by myself most of the day.  I haven't really fallen into a groove with a group.  I'm here in Franklin with three other hikers that I've been hiking with all day and get along with well.  I may stay with them for a few days but I don't want to push myself or hold myself back just to stay with a group.

So, I'm in North Carolina now!  Accents galore.  The closest laundry place is a mile down the road, and rather than drag all our laundry there we are washing everything in the bathtub.  It's amazing what you can learn to work with when you have limited resource. :)

I wish I could upload pictures! Most of the computers that are available to me are a little older and don't have a place to insert a memory card.  When Beau comes to visit in a couple weeks, we'll swap memory cards and he can upload all my photos thus far.

We've had some great climbs and great views so far.  Physically, the trail is about what I expected.  I haven't been overwhelmed with the hiking.  I have been overwhelmed with thinking about the entirety of the 2,184 miles.  Instead, I'm trying to think of it as a series of hikes in between trail towns.

I think my time is about up.  I need to compile my thoughts better for when I sit down to update this.  There is so much information and so many emotions I would like to get across.  Again, I feel grateful that I get to be out here every day.  I miss Beau and my family a lot, and realize more every day how blessed I am to have their support.


  1. I cried reading this!! well, teared up. It's so so so awesome what you are doing. That alone time will be precious to you in years to come. I think you are so amazing and LOVE reading your updates!!

  2. Keep on truckin Mackenzie! I hope you enjoy NC!