Saturday, July 10, 2010


My sister Page has a great little vinyl business for home decor.  Originally I didn't think I would have much use for vinyl projects, as I'm not a huge fan of the stickered writing on the wall. BUT there are so many other ways you can decorate with vinyl! And it's very inexpensive, so cheap people like me do okay.

I LOVE this poster that Page made for us for Christmas.

Also, as a side note, directly above our stove is a mirror (as seen below).

What the heck am I supposed to do with a mirror above the stove?? Any suggestions?

This was a wedding gift from Page.  It's a 12x12 floor, with the date of our wedding underneath. It helps me remember if we got married on the 27th or 28th because I get mixed up sometimes.

These flower tiles were the first project I did myself.  Page mailed me the stickers, and I put them on the 6x6 tiles myself. It was surprisingly easy and I quite like this bathroom decor. 

And this has nothing to do with vinyl but I thought this mirror was pretty sweet. 75% off at the Tai Pan tent sale YES.

Coming up in future blog posts: Why we currently own 4 road bikes and all about the table I'm painting!


  1. love the tai pan mirror! Super cute! I miss tai pan!

  2. kenz! your apartment is super cute! i love the 'keep calm and carry on'. and the bathroom ones you made, too.


  3. I want to own 4 road bikes! And I guess if you have a mirror over your stove, you should probably cook A LOT so you can look at yourself...or your food. :)

  4. kenz! if you dig the "keep calm and carry on" poster (is it a poster? i couldn't really tell from the picture), then you have to check out Target! they have very cute and small canvas-style versions of sayings and pictures like that. my fav is "mind the gap!", to bring back good memories of london-town.

    the stove mirror is tricky... have you tried putting things on it? like pictures/stickers/posters? it would be cool if you could find a big enough poster/picture to center it in the mirror and use the mirror as a border... maybe. psh, what do i know! the best thing i did with a mirror was break it into pieces and make a sun-shaped mirror from it.

    come visit NoVA soon! miss you!

  5. I like that poster too! Good job on the bathroom tiles.

  6. That mirror is cool! I would probably burn things because I'd always be checking myself out and fixing my hair or something.