Thursday, July 29, 2010

pioneer day weekend

Day 1- Friday
Hiking in Big Cottonwood Canyon, shopping at a consignment store for outdoors equipment, thrift stores, and the Spanish Fork rodeo.

Hotdogs and soda? Who ARE we??

They were free. Don't judge.

Day 2: Speedy Spaniard 10k and Taste of the Valley!
Why does no one ever remind me that I don't even like running? That's what I was thinking as we were getting ready to start. And during the first 4 miles. But then afterwards, I only remember finishing and feeling accomplished and sign up for another race.

Don't mess.

We were proud of our times.  I was 177th place! I don't think I passed a single person. I guess 177 people passed me. But I did beat the other 523 people, so there.

My mom found a couple classmates from her Spanish Fork High School days. They dominated the 55+ age group. Go Dons!

Beau watched safely from the sidelines.

Then, Taste of the Valley.

Several local restaurants had booths set up with samples. $10 bought you a ticket to visit each booth. The samples were fairly large and we so should have split a ticket. We were throwing away good food because we were just too full! Even Beau was refusing samples.

Day 3:

Well, nothing exciting on day 3 of pioneer weekend. We did take this random picture though, including this shirt I got at Wandering Wardrobe (my favorite consignment store ever).

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  1. you're a stud. when will you be an official ironwoman, eh?

    i'll cheer from the sidelines. with a donut.