Thursday, June 24, 2010

wj livin


Things that have changed since moving to West Jordan/starting my new job:
- I haven't driven a car for about 3 weeks.
- I am in a car about twice a week.
- Sometimes, I have to yell for Beau to hear me when we are both home. This definitely did not happen in our Provo apartment.
- There are more tupperware containers in the dishwasher than dishes.
- We have a dishwasher.
- We have a TV. I gave Beau a $20 limit for a TV, and within a day he had gotten one. Free dish- so why not?
- I watch TV.
- We have a couch.
- We are in a true Utah ward. Last Sunday, a woman in Relief Society asked how I heard about the church "all the way out in Virginia". Also, there is a family in the ward with the last name "Diehl". We still haven't figured out if it is pronounced "deal" or "dill". I think maybe they don't know.

Blast, no pictures again. Time for a random archived photo. Isn't Brooklee's face the best??


  1. hahaha, that lady's question made me laugh. Did you tell her a Mormon missionary came by your farmhouse and baptized your pa when you were knee high to a grasshopper?

    I hope not..that's ridiculous.

  2. Really what that all means is you never should have moved...and stayed with me. :)