Sunday, September 6, 2009

ode to Killian

I try not to mention my "horse thing" to people other than family, in attempts to not to not be like this:
Or like these creepy people:

And this one just makes me laugh.
Anyway, most people view horses as being a little girl thing, like my little pony or black beauty.

And sure, a lot of horse people ARE weirdos. Especially in the under 15 category. But I promise, the REAL horse people, the ones that are taken seriously by the horse community, are pretty normal and just have a very consuming hobby.

With that intro, here is my ode to Killian, the most fantastic horse I've ever had the privilege of riding.

Before we returned to Virginia, I'd been searching for a good horse to lease for the summer. Many people who don't have the time or money to keep their horse lease them to others, either on their own farm or they allow the leasee to move the horse to their own farm. Typically, the leasee pays for expenses, but doesn't have to take the risks of actually owning a horse. I was in communication with a few different people, and mostly by luck Killian was the first one I saw. I took him for a trial period, but before I even jumped him I knew that he would be an awesome horse.
Go ahead, make fun of me all you want for getting sappy about a horse.

But I have never felt so strongly that this is what I'm supposed to be doing in life. Horses are my thing.


  1. I'm SO happy you put up a picture of the horse girl. "If you don't know the horse girl, you ARE the horse girl."

  2. I don't know anyone else who can jump a horse. I think it's great that you have something that you're good at and that you're passionate about. Many people don't!

  3. I love it :) It's fun to have something you lovelove (besides your hubby). And I think you're cool. Lets be honest. The second I sit on a horse I hurt and then I cant walk for days. You can jump them!

  4. i love this post (:

    i started a blog! woo! let's play soon. seriously.