Wednesday, September 16, 2009

end of summer wrap up

Maybe one day I will have an interesting enough life to say "here's what happened at a really cool event!" and then write about it. But until then, I'll continue with mass picture uploading and captions.

Us at Beau's friend's wedding reception. Dane and Beau went to high school together, and Dane happened to marry a girl from McLean. We got to go to their fancy shmancy reception at the Ritz Carlton. I have never had so many good desserts in my life.

This is also a testament to what humidity will do to your hair.

Reagan and Tyler snuck away for a weekend to go to NYC and the four remaining adults (me, Beau, Grandmama, and Pappy) were in charge. Pretty good ratio. My mom and dad met me at work and I gave any willing participant (Adriel, Brooklee, and Grandmama) a pony ride. Dallyn politely declined.

This is also the same horse that, on my last day, Martha and I put Beau on. He POSTED and knew TWO-POINT and even checked his diagonal! Then Martha set up a jump and we pretty much died laughing at Beau's attempts.

I think we went to the District all of two times this summer. This is one of them.

Same trip.

Adriel cut her hair. But not while we were in charge. I don't think she understands that she did a bad thing.

I love box turtles. When I was younger I would catch one at the beginning of the summer and keep it till September when it was time for my little friends to go hibernate. I would buy worms from the fishing stores and keep them (the turtles, not the worms) in a big pen in my back yard. On the very last day we were in Virginia, as we were getting in the car to go to the airport, this turtle came to say goodbye to me.


Age order, which clearly has nothing to do with height: Maria, Shawney, Natalie, me, Eliza, Sarah Rose, Anne, Sarah Michelle.

At the taking of this picture, Maria was a few days returned from her mission to Brazil and Eliza had just gotten set apart to go on her mission.

The middle girls are named so because the "big girls" were a few years older than us, and we were the "little girls". But then one day someone (probably Mel) decided that we were getting to be too old to be called little girls, so we became the middle girls.

And that is all! More to come about Beau's game-winning hit in tonight's softball tourney.

And I'm still missing this guy terribly.


  1. It looks like you had a really fun time this summer too. Have fun back in UT. Go eat something yummy for me - ok!

    I just love your family. I love all these fun pictures of you and the middle girls. What a special relationship. I hope you all keep in touch. We didn't have a cool name like this, but there were about 6 of my cousins that were all the same age. We reconnected via our blogs in the last few years. It has been the greatest ever! I hope you feel like that too.

    Love the picture of the behind the scenes of the babies picture. My favorite. Oh to be a fly on the wall at a Dickson family reunion! Maybe one day your family can just adopt our family.

  2. I love your new layout. And I'm sad you're not coming tomorrow... come late?