Sunday, September 27, 2009

MANZANAS galore!

I've been wanting to make caramel apples for a long time, like since Beau and I were dating. But he's allergic to them. So we never have. BUT, Beau just discovered that fresh picked apples don't make his throat close up! It must be some crazy preservatives or pesticides. So I thought it'd be super fun to make caramel apples.

I was in Spanish Fork this week for a riding clinic, and I stopped by my grandpa's house to pick some apples. He died last year, but his house hasn't been sold and the tree still remains. I can remember playing in the backyard in the sprinklers and climbing the apple tree. I also had a lot of imaginary horses but we don't need to go into that.

My grandpa was pretty smart and planted a red apple tree but grafted green apple tree branches into it so the tree produces both kinds of apples.

I invited a couple from the ward over Saturday night for the festivites.. and let me tell you, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory has nothing on us.

Chad and Danielle aren't normally dressed like twins. They had just come back from the BYU v. CSU game.

YAY for having friends in the ward.

I bet you can't tell the difference, so I'll just tell you that the above pictured apples are from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and the one on the right is ours. Maybe we should sell it for $8 like they do.



  1. Send some fresh apples over, and we can see if Rick can eat those!!

  2. bahahahahaha! love that last little paragraph. ummm, what kind of caramel did you use? did you get it to stick to the apples pretty well? i find caramel a very hard substance to work with at times.

  3. it's just the bag of caramel... cubes. from smith's? it had instructions for caramel apples on the back so i figured it would work.

  4. I'm inspired. What a brilliant way to use up fresh apples. Those look delicious!

  5. Yum! We'll be doing caramel apples for Halloween. Now I can't wait!!

  6. pretty much adored this post. too funny. and nick is sooper jealous. loves!

  7. Ummmm can you PLEASE invite us over to do this?!?! Those are my favorites. And yes, I did just invite myself over! :)