Tuesday, August 18, 2009

sarah shaw dickson

Check out this post by my cousin Camilla, in tribute to our grandmother.

I couldn't have said it better.

I have so many fond memories of Gram- goodie bags for the drive home from her house, the annual Easter egg hunt, stories about her dogs, and the Chiquita banana song. :)

(I found this photo from the beach in 2005. Coincidentally, the same house we rented this year!)

We love Gram!


  1. That's so funny about your Grandma's name... one of my very favorite mission companions is named Sarah Zurcher, but when she got home and got married, she married a Shaw; Sarah Shaw! At first I thought you knew her when I read Sarah Shaw. Small world.

    When you guys get back to Utah and school, we need to hang out. Where are you living?

  2. we're in the same apt we were before- south of campus, by union square.

    we should definitely do something sometime!!