Saturday, August 15, 2009

do you think i have pigs in my head?

This is what we did last week!

(Almost) the whooooole Dickson Dynasty familia was in attendance. 52 people in all. Gathered in the best place ever.

The lady who started it all:

Unfortunately, I'm not a very conscientious picture taker. So most of these pictures are credited to other people. Oh well.

Boys playing football!

Also, most of these pictures are of the kiddies. They are just too fun.

Late night beach walks!

Pagie and Everett.

Adriel loved playing in the water with her cousins, or second cousins, whatever my cousin's children would be called.

The babes fought over who got to have the Cabbage Patch doll hair crimper on their face. Brooklee won this one.

9/12 of the great-grandchildren.
Ryder, Adriel, Ellery (3 weeks old!), Dallyn, Brooklee, Sofie, Lucy, Carson, Everett.

And this is what was going on behind the camera:

Can't wait for the next one!

2 weeks from yesterday, camp will be all done. 2 weeks from today, we will fly back to Utah. And 2 weeks from Monday, we will start school.


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  1. Looks like fun!! Don't you just love being with family?! We just got back from a huge family reunion too. It was a blast!