Thursday, July 16, 2009

solitude: day 4

Since Sunday, Beau has been having fun with the family water skiing and lake-ing in Colorado. I'm not able to up and leave camp, especially not this week, since I am taking care of a friends horses while she is away. I've been jealous of the Parks clan the past few days.

Since I spend a lot of time at my friend's barn, I've been staying in her apartment in Purcellville. No babies, no sisters, no parents, no husband = sad face.

And I just finished a bag of chocolate chips I opened Monday night.

But I have gotten a few things done on the life to-do list... bought plane tickets for the trip back to Utah, straightened out our new phone plan. Why is Southwest the only airline that doesn't charge for luggage?? Three cheers for them and their ghetto airplanes.

Oh right, pictures.

Look! All 5 grandkids together with Grandmama.

Playing in the driveway is a daily occurrence.

One of Adriel's favorite things about Smith Circle is seeing various wildlife most days. Not that we're in the middle of the wilderness, but toads, deer, and foxes are pretty cool to a 3 year old.

Not gonna lie, I wasn't even present for this picture. Or the toad one, for that matter. But it's cute nonetheless.

3 more days till Beau's back!!


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  2. We made it out to the lake for ONE night and day, then back to school!! We missed you though. Hope you can make it out to Colorado sometime before Thanksgiving.

  3. WHERE ARE YOU??????

    ps this is elyssa, but nick's curious, too. you apparently have disappeared of the face of the earth and we are sad : (