Sunday, January 6, 2013

December, briefly

 I hate the cliche of "Where did the month go?"

But. I haven't posted anything since Thanksgiving. And December, being one of the best months of the year, was left undocumented. So, here are some bullet points of the last month of 2012.

- We went to some work Christmas parties

- Beau surprised me with a Garmin running watch for Christmas!

- I surprised him with a wrecked car, providing an opportunity for me to give him a great Christmas present of a new one. We now have twinner Hyundais. Good thing they are different colors. I know if I've gotten in the wrong car when I see the gear shift and realize I can't drive a manual.

- Don't worry, it wasn't a bad accident.  I swear, I JUST LOOKED DOWN FOR A SECOND and then this parked car just appeared out of no where and then I'm massively sideswiping the poor car and blowing out a tire and careening across the road. It's not hard to total a car when it's worth about $1,000. And, apparently, axles cost that much.

- Beau worked really hard all semester and during finals week and did super well in his classes. 1 semester down..... a bunch more to go!

-We got to spend almost a week in Colorado with Beau's family for Christmas. We love our relaxing unscheduled days there! Beau plays basketball and raquetball, I go for long runs, we walk the dog, play with nieces and nephews, and play games with the family. Lovely.

- We babysat for a family over the weekend. Kids this age are fun.
- Speaking of kids this age, we accepted callings in the ward to teach the CTR 7 class! We had our first class today and are excited to have the group of kids that are getting baptized this year.

- We like our apartment in Manassas and are settling in well. Does someone want to come and decorate for me? I'm getting lazy. I still have a Thanksgiving print on the mantle. Next to the Merry Christmas sign. And across the room from the empty picture frame leaning against the wall.

- To try to combat the picture I'm painting for you of my domestic prowess, I am loving cooking lately. I don't know what it is, exactly, but I just get to excited to make dinner. My "main dish" board on Pinterest is pretty rockin. Would it be weird, friends, if I started posting my favorite recipe of the week? I just get so psyched about recipes and I would love for someone else to share in that joy.

And there you have it. See you in another few weeks.


  1. i'm on a total cooking kick these days too! recipe post away, my friend.

  2. yes to the recipes! and it looks like a really fun holiday (minus the accident, glad you're okay)!

  3. yes, yes! share your recipes! and sorry to hear about the accident. that stinks, but i'm happy you're okay.

    going to have to check out your main dish board!

  4. post recipes please!!

    you look gorg (and handsome for Beau) in your Christmas party pic. Josh's work doesn't have Christmas parties :o( It makes me very sad.

    I love that you were in Colorado. I miss the mountains oh so much.

  5. That picture from the Christmas party is perfect. You guys make a great couple! :)