Friday, November 30, 2012

Weekend of Giving Thanks

It was kind of ridiculous how much I was looking forward to Thanksgiving break.  It's not like we were really doing anything or going anywhere- but that's my favorite kind of holiday! Sometimes when we travel for a holiday weekend, we get back and think, "Where did my break go?" I loved being able to stay home and get things done.

A few weeks ago, a friend at work had a customer putting on a turkey trot in Arlington ask if anyone wanted a free entry. Lucky for me, I am one of the only runners at my office. Normally I pick a few big races per year to pay for, so doing a local 5k was super fun! I had a secret goal to beat 23 minutes. I'm not really sure how I came up with that goal; I only knew I had to run really fast. And I did! My time was 22:45, definitely a PR for me. And get this- I was 5th in the 20-29 age division.

Beau is used to waiting during races. He likes 5ks. 20 minutes is a lot more bearable than a two hours!

Afterwards, we went down town to continue trotting... or cycling, in Beau's case. I looped around the very empty mall and Beau explored on his bike a little.

this cute group on the right was doing family pictures
the Vietnam Memorial is probably my favorite
Thanksgiving dinner was at the Tagg's (not the same without Gram), and afterwards, Beau and I got to do some target practice with Tyler!

Let's be honest here. I wasn't really aiming for the target. I just thought it was really cool to shoot a handgun.

Friday the fam went for a little day hike on the AT.

The girls were troopers, completing their first real hike of about 6 miles.  They had a lot of fun playing in the shelter we went to for lunch. Soren loved his first trail experience. AT Class of 2033!

Seriously though, this kid was born while we were summitting Katahdin. It's meant to be.

I just love this picture of Adriel and Beau. They're buds.

 We <3 the Appalachian Trail!

Too bad I didn't take any pictures at our game night that evening... just imagine 3 babes and a bunch of adults playing games and snacking on holiday treats. It was great.

One last photo of the weekend. I went on a long run Saturday morning in Manassas- something I've been avoiding because I don't know my way around yet or any good routes. I planned my route via, but it was actually a couple miles longer than I was anticipating. When I got home and looked in the mirror, I just had to laugh at my completely disheveled appearance. It was windy and I was tired, okay??

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