Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Phone Files

In general chronological order, some shtuff from our phones:

Did I ever tell you about the time I kayaked to a job interview? No? Well I did.

Baby train! Gram's latest progeny at the funeral

A napping Soren

Gram's seven children

Saturday morning hair session

my second favorite trail

unicorn & baseball player at the ward Halloween party
Tru Tru!

Reagan's Halloween costume.... me!
Anna with a baby inside her tummy

Now that baby is out of her tummy, and in my arms.

I finally get to use my best thrift store find ever! I got this set for $10 a couple years ago and it's been in storage ever since.

Broccoli playing in my sleeping bag. Within 30 minutes she had an itchy rash on her face. Down allergy? Something from the woods? Who knows.

The Who! at the Verizon center

pinball wizards
May your long weekend be filled with cycling, nieces and nephews, the AT, anything that can be made with pumpkin, Wii Just Dance, sweet potatoes, Turkey Trots, and Hulu.

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  1. So glad Henry Des and I made the post! And I'm so glad you actually did kayak to the interview. When do we get to get together again. How was Thanksgiving?