Tuesday, January 22, 2013

5 Month Trail- iversary

Last weekend marked 5 months since we've been back from the trail- meaning I've been back from the AT longer than I was on it. The past couple weeks, I've been missing the trail a lot. Countless times each day I have random unexpected flashbacks and memories to specific moments. Climbing Mousilake in the Whites in the fog and mist. Finding trail magic of muffins and gatorade in a cooler on the trail in PA.  Hitchhiking in the pouring rain in Damascus. Counting miles and planning our next day in the tent each night. I don't miss the grueling day in and day out feeling of thru hiking, but I miss the overall experience and going to bed exhausted but accomplished every day.

I rediscovered that I have several unfinished blog drafts that I intended on posting- posts about food, lessons learned, clothing, etc. A year ago when I was preparing to hike, blog posts like these from seasoned thru hikers were super helpful and I love the idea of helping someone else planning their thru. But now that I've been back for so long, it feels a little overly sentimental and annoying to keep bringing the AT up.

We get it Mackenzie, you hiked a bunch of miles in the woods all summer and ate a lot and never showered. Talk about something else now.

Agh, I try. But I can't stop!

So I'm going to continue to post a few things, and I'm already putting out a huge disclaimer that I know I'm redundant and annoyingly obsessed with the AT and blah blah blah. I gave the blog a little facelift and added "AT Thru Hike Information" tab where I've linked to some of our posts, some websites and forums, and what I'm most excited about: a list of 2013 thru hiker blogs. It will be so fun to relive our experience through theirs.

Three cheers for the Appalachian Trail!


  1. I discovered your blog today and enjoy reading of your adventure. I will be joining my son this spring, he will be thru hiking the AT, I'll be going for a couple weeks.
    As a fine artist I am excited about the prospect of lots of beautiful scenery to paint.
    I look forward to reading more of your experiences as time permits. Keep sharing.

    1. how exciting! will your son be keeping a blog? i'd love to follow along on his thru hike.

  2. For the record, what you did is insanely amazing. If anyone tells you, "Geez Kenz, we KNOW you hiked the AT!" you have my permission to punch them in the throat. Please write about whatever you want :)

    1. aw katie, that makes me feel warm and fuzzy. :)

      (not the throat punching part, but your "insanely amazing" comment)