Wednesday, February 2, 2011

STUCK (but at least we're having fun).

all of our wordly possessions
 This was us, leaving Utah on Saturday afternoon to head to Virginia. The plan was to stop in Colorado and chill with the Parks for a couple days, leave on Tuesday morn, stay in St. Louis that night, and drive many many hours to Ashburn on Wednesday. Then, leave on Friday afternoon (after a job interview that morning) with my dad for North Carolina to see the the Ottos and the babe.

Sounds like a plan. Right?

We got to Colorado fine and dandy, and saw pending snow storms in the next couple days. We decided to push back our departure one day (so, leaving on Wednesday) to avoid it. Now (Tuesday night) it is looking like there is more warning of severe weather tomorrow, road closures, etc. To top things off, Beau went to the car earlier this evening and it does NOT want to start. It is negative 10 degrees, after all, so the oil is probably nice and thick.

While we do enjoy being stuck in Colorado with Beau's family (much much better than a stinky motel or stranded in our car!), it'd be reeeeeally nice to be able to interview for this job and go to North Carolina.  I have already made it to the pro level in Wii tennis and I'm anxious to consume the SunChips that were designated as "car food", so can we get this show on the road??

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