Friday, January 28, 2011


Packing is hard. I have so many piles and things to do that I'm having a hard time starting ANY of them. Unload the dishwasher- but wait, I should just unload them into a box. Pack up clothes- but which ones do I want to put in a suit case to use in the near future? But I shouldn't be complaining... we don't have that much stuff or any children to be worrying about!

So, instead, I am doing this and waiting for Beau to get back from skiing to help me.

Other thoughts:

- I got my hair trimmed yesterday, as it was getting shaggy in the back and Utah is the Land of Cheap Haircuts. Buuut, it's a little shorter than I intended. Woops.
- My sister Page had her baby yesterday, 8 days after she was due. Can't wait to meet the little gal.
- I had a riding lesson the other day for the first time in 9 months. I am embarrassingly sore.
- I registered for my next race, a half marathon in Chesapeake, VA on April 16th. Happy birthday, Mackenzie. You get to run 13 miles.
- Why do I keep finding ponytail holders all over the house when I rounded them all up after I cut my hair?
- I am not very good at Wii rowing. The 5 year old child I was babysitting consistently beat me. And I was trying.

Welp, time to go back to packing! At least it was warm enough to go on a bike ride today, right?

Holy smog, batman!


  1. goes Baby Girl Otto have a name yet? That's so exciting, I bet your sister is thrilled :)

  2. yes, actually! faye jeanel. jeanel is rick's sister who has terminal breast cancer.

    also, that goes along with the unintentional alphabetical order of grandchildren names (adriel, brooklee, carson, dallyn, everett, faye).

  3. oooh, i was just going to ask if page had picked a name yet! it.

    packing is the pits! are you guys renting a uhaul? good luck with all that. we're thinking about maybe moving to a place closer to steve's work after our lease it up, but i really don't want to go through the whole moving thing again.

    see you soon! (: (: