Monday, January 17, 2011

a late christmas report

This year, we had the pleasure of spending Christmas in Colorado with Beau's family.  Everyone was there (minus Brady on a mission in Brazil) and it was great relaxing and playing Bananagrams with the family!

It was fun having all the little cousins together.  I would have liked to have seen the outtakes of this series...

I especially like their symmetry.

Amelia and Emerson are the most easygoing and happy babies and didn't mind being passed around all the time. I am excited for them to grow up being friends and in 10 years maybe I can teach them to ride ponies together.

 Thanks to Beau's generous parents, we were spoiled in the gifts department Christmas morning. We got some camping equipment, cycling gear, and most notably... Vibram FiveFingers!

These babies are even better than I had imagined. Running has come to a whole new level, as documented here.

I thoroughly enjoyed the warmer-than-Utah weather, and went for daily walks with my friend Sammy.

We all had a great time and were sad to go back to real life.  Real life comes with looking for jobs, telling your boss you're leaving, looking for jobs, figuring out moving arrangements, and looking for jobs.  Beau wants me to include that he made cupcakes from scratch- red velvet.

There is so much color clashing in this picture I can hardly stand it.

We had a little sleepover at our friends house for New Years Eve, which I do have a picture but I will spare everyone because we all look really disheveled. And by "we all", I really mean me. And I have no shame so I'll put it up anyway to prove we have friends.

Also, we signed up for a free trial with Netflix and have watched The Sting, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Best in Show, Hunt for Red October, Food, Inc., Eight Men Out, and Everything is Illuminated. Swing Kids is in the mail.

Winter stinks.


  1. I just watched Best in Show the other night while ironing. HILARIOUS.

  2. Can we get the pony riding thing in writing?

  3. Um, I just can't get over your hair. I love it. :)

    And I love all those blue eyes on those babies, so cute!

  4. You got the shoes with toes! I'm so jealous. Look forward to seeing you in DC!