Thursday, December 30, 2010

ch- ch- ch- changes!

announcement one:

I cut my hair really short.

announcement two:

We are moving to the motherland, Northern Virginia, in early February.

No, we don't have jobs there (yet), but a large majority of jobs for Russian linguists are in the DC area. We'll be staying at my parent's house until we figure out what we're doing. Scary? Yes. Exciting? More so.


  1. holy cow, cute cut! very spunky, me gusta.also, we're gonna miss you guys when you leave, good thing you'll be near my parents so anytime we visit NOVA we can still run into each other!

  2. wait, what was all that about not cutting your hair off as a newmarried? 2 year anniversary chopping is just the same, i say ; )

    and it's HOT. i'm so jealous.

    also excited for your move. hoorah! good luck to you both on job hunting.

  3. Yay you're coming to NOVA!! I'll be in Ashburn all summer. I have a feeling this will be fun.

  4. ahhh i LOVE your hair!! super duper cute. also, congrats on the exciting move! hope to see you before you go.

  5. Oh my goodness.... short hair TOTALLY works for you! I could never do that, my face is too fat, but you look fantastic with the pixie cut! LOVE IT! (pixie?)