Friday, December 3, 2010

oh hey, december (notice a trend?)

Oh, blast. It happened again. Another month where I didn't post anything. If you are dying to view my wit and charm, head on over to the fitness blog, as I keep that up pretty well.

First up, I helped throw a baby shower for dear Anna. Thanks for the picture, Emily! We had fun making neat little appliqued onesies. I also learned what "appliqued" means.

This should be the first of several, as I have a few more pregnant friends and coworkers. BABIES!

We went for our last hike (without snowshoes, anyway) of 2010 up Butler Fork trail. Isn't it pretty?

Aiight Utah. Stop trying to win me over with your outdoorsy-ness.

I really need to do better about taking photos of things other than hiking or cycling. Because it really ends up looking like that's all we do. Not true! 

And then there was Thanksgiving. Best weekend ever. Started out with getting out of work early because of supposed "Blizzard of 2010". So we saw Inception at the dollar theater! So good. Luckily, we were able to traverse through the 3-4 inch snowfall to get home without any incident. Thanksgiving morning brought a little Turkey Trot. My partner in crime with the Mia Maids is even more crazy than I am, and we were able to convince some girls to come with us. It was COLD. But great!

I got home just in time for my favorite part of  Thanksgiving- the Purina Dog Show! I was excited that 3/7 final dogs were my very favorite breeds, but alas, the Irish Setter won it all.

Black Friday, normally something I don't participate in, lured me in with the promise of $20 gift cards for the first 150 people in line at REI. I am bought for a small price.

Our other crazy moment of the weekend was going on a group ride Saturday morning- the "Saturday Fatterday" ride. 30 miles from Saratoga Springs to Suncrest and back.

Winter cycling: colder than winter hiking or running. Wind plays large factor.

To give our apartment a little Christmas cheer, we put up our 2 foot Christmas tree (same one from the dorms, Kate!) and made some ornaments. Because we don't have any.

Isn't Beau's skiing santa cute? It is especially neat when you know that we didn't have any glue. That is all staples and tape, my friends.

Not pictured- trip to the Salt Lake temple, our attempt at cross country skiing, BYU's loss to Utah, and the viewing of Toy Story 3 and Enchanted.

Now it is back to work/school, with only a few weeks left in the semester for Beau! Hip, hip, hooray!


  1. So your picture made me laugh and realize how small Utah really is. In the picture with the pregnant woman, I went to high school and was pretty close friends with the other girl (Shauna). Utah is too small.

  2. we watched part of the dog show too! only because it was on after the macy parade....but it was very entertaining. cute pics!

  3. Wow that was a big update! I know you guys don't only hike and run and bike, but you do a lot of it!! I'm so impressed.