Wednesday, February 9, 2011

virginia is for lovers

We are here! Not too much to report on; we're just actively on the job search. I have a few things that may come to pass, so we'll see. I hope that next time I post I will have something to tell about! Here are the photos we've taken recently...

A few of Beau's old roommates had a hard time saying bye as we left Provo.

This is Beau and Guy (his dad) trying to start the car in -10 degree weather.

The car now looks beautiful, a piece of moving art.  As you can see in the picture it is missing its passenger-side fender, and because of the cold, the latch for the hood broke so Beau and his dad had to take off the grill.  The car from the front looks like a smiling hobo.  We're oh so proud of our little Trooper.  We also ended up getting a new battery and were on our way as soon as the storm cleared in the midwest.

Beau felt we needed to document our trip. Or maybe he was just bored. Either way, this must have been in Kansas or something because there is a whole lot of nothing.  We made it from Colorado to Virginia in two days- one 14 hour day to Jefferson City (where we stayed with Ashley's parents-in-law) and then a 16 hour day to Ashburn.

This portrait by Beau makes it seem like I did most of the driving, which was certainly not the case.  I think  I did one "shift" (meaning one tank of gas, as that was the only time we stopped) each day. While Beau was driving I kept him entertained by reading books out loud, talking (I can talk for a long time. About nothing. Maybe that was more boring than entertaining...), napping, and quoting these clips:

"Violence at nbc ge.... com?" "What is the internet, anyway? Is it like a bulletin board?"

Upon arrival in Virginia, we were greeted by warm(er) weather and one thing Utah lacks: trees.  I took a run through some wooded paths next to my house.  How did I not know how great these were while I was younger? Oh right, I hated runnning. Foolish Mackenzie.

The girls were a little taken aback by my hair. When I first saw them early the next morning, Brooklee said "You don't look like Mackenzie...". Adriel keeps asking why I cut it (apparently she's on a Tangled kick) and Dallyn told me I look weird.  Oh well!


  1. So glad you made it to VA safe and was fun having you here for a few "extra" days!

  2. that "internet" clip is hilarious. glad you guys made it safely! say hi to VA for us!!!

  3. love love love love love this picture of grandpa dickson - it totally captures him. I wondered if you cut your hair from the one picture of you driving - get us another shot. hope the job hunting is good.