Tuesday, March 13, 2012

you know New York, you need New York, you know you need unique New York

Last weekend (I feel like all of my blog posts start with that phrase) Beau and I joined in on my parent's trip to NYC.  Ashley and Tim came down from Boston and we stayed in Ashley's friend's apartment in Brooklyn while she was out of town.

Friday we did the obligatory Times Square tour, 5th Ave, yadda yadda.  That night I confirmed my love of Thai takeout and red headed little girls at another one of Ashley's friend's place.

Saturday was really fun because we spent most of our time away from all the hubbub.  When I've visited in the past (high school), we mostly stuck to the Times Square area because that's where all the crazy stuff is and TKTS and Broadway shows and the like.  With Ashley and Tim as tour guides, we went to (slightly) less touristy areas and Beau and I liked that much more.  We walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, hit up Wall Street, went to the 9/11 memorial, and had lunch at the Eataly. 

I had my first Shake Shack experience, and let me tell you, that was the best shake concrete I've ever had in my life. Beau and I got one to split... then got another because half was just not enough. And the fun isn't stopping here because there are two locations in DC.

50% of the time I miss my spiky hair and 50% of the time I want it to be long again. I figured that thru hiking would be a good opportunity to grow it out. I was at an appointment last week and the girl checking me in complimented me on my hair. I said thanks, and that this is actually longer than usual because I'm growing it out.  She joked about how it can get to be in such an awkward phase and it makes you want to "go hide in the woods while it grows out".  Actually, friend, that's exactly what I'm doing.

Oh! On our way to lunch, we saw Pete Hornburger (30 Rock) on the Subway! I talked to him (briefly, don't worry I wasn't annoying) and he was nice.

We went over to the Highline- what a cool park. I'd never even heard of it.  The only picures we took here was this neat birdhouse and a view from the park.  I'd love to come again in the spring when everything is in full bloom.

Next was a quick walk through Chinatown, because the vendors there crack me up.  I have always wanted to make a deal with the shady purse sellers, but I have no use for designer bags.

Sunday, before heading back to VA, we went to church in building that also houses the temple.

The End!

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  1. NYC is the greatest! getting so excited for your sojourn in the wilderness to grow your hair out ;)