Wednesday, March 7, 2012

practice hike and skiing report

Last Tuesday, my mom, Beau, and I went to a presentation by Jennifer Pharr Davis

She is a 3 time thru hiker, author of "Becoming Odyssa", and currently holds the record for the fastest thru hike (not that the ATC even recognizes "records" for hiking...). Her drive and pain tolerance is AMAZING. She finished in 47 days, averaging 47 miles per day. Hearing about how she continued on despite terrible shin splints and hypothermia makes me resolve that I will finish my thru hike within the measly 5-6 month time frame no matter what the challenge is.

My parents and I set out for a short overnighter last weekend, starting at Bears Den and heading south.  It was a good opportunity to use some of my new equipment.  I love my new stove- the Soto OD1R from REI.  It's nice to have the auto starter instead of lighting a match with cold fingers.  I do wish it had a hard plastic case like the MSR Pocket Rocket, but I can deal with it.  Even with such a short trip (3 miles in to the shelter on Friday, 5 miles on Saturday) I had some good take aways:

- I need to organize my pack better. My pack has lots of pockets, which is only awesome when you know which pocket you put everything in.
- Friday morning, I decided to hike in running tights instead of hiking pants (partly due to my misplaced hiking pants, mostly for comfort) and decided tights are far superior. a) they're comfortable b) they dry quicker c) they don't pick up mud and wetness like regular pants do and d) they are way more flattering than my hiking pants.  Because the trees really care what I look like.
- Being by myself will be kind of scary. I'm glad I'm starting on a "normal" start date where there will be lots of other people around. At the beginning, anyway.
my cute mom at the Sam Moore shelter

I take back what I said about my change of apparel being more flattering
Why wasn't Beau with us, you ask? Beau is to hiking as Mackenzie is to skiing.  Skiing is okay for me, but I am happiest with easy terrain, lots of breaks, and maybe actually just spending most of my time in the lodge people watching.

Beau and his dad and two brothers had a great weekend in Park City.

How awesome is this picture??
Oh, and Beau shaved his beard into a "monkey's tail" on a dare from Quin. Love it.


  1. ha. You can see my monkey tail in action in the ski picture. I'm excited for our next practice hike.

  2. Wish you would have been able to come see us! So excited to hear about your adventures on your thru hike! You're awesome.

    1. I was so envious that Beau was able to have dinner with you guys! Come to visit DC, k?