Tuesday, May 31, 2011

this is how we do unemployment.

Cap2Cap 50 mile ride in Richmond, VA.

Our entry in the ride also got us a great BBQ lunch and lots of free samples from sponsors.

Afterwards, we went to colonial Willamsburg and walked around town.

Matching bows with Adriel!

Cheesy flatwork shot.

See, unemployment is all fun and games! Just kidding. It stinks. We are trying hard to find jobs. 

Last week, we went on a 50 mile hike on the Appalachian Trail. We left Wednesday afternoon to start in Pennsylvania and finished  Saturday around noon at Harper's Ferry where my parents picked us up and took us back to our car. I <3 the AT.

This next series displays some of the animals we saw that I could catch.

day 1: toad. we actually saw lots of toads, but this was just the first one.

day 2: box turtle!

day 3: baby snapping turtle! this little guy tried to eat me.
Not pictured: lots of big black snakes. Including one in a shelter we stayed in. Maybe that's why there were no mice in that one...
Of course, I forgot the Joby so we had to do these silly self taken shots.

Harper's Ferry, atop Weverton Cliffs


  1. I am infinitely grateful that there were no snakes pictured in this post.

  2. You crazy kids!!! And yes I was so curious about what a Joby was that I clicked on the link, and all I have to say is, freaking COOL!

  3. You all make unemployment look good.

  4. You are so awesome to have ran a marathon! I am to much of a wuss! Glad to see you are staying so fit;) I hope you are still riding as well!! Miss those times I saw you at the barn. Great times!