Friday, May 6, 2011


Because I seem to have the inability to produce a coherent thought, here is the mashup of things I have been meaning to share:

- I re-read all 7 Harry Potter books in about 2.5 weeks. It was one of the best decision in my life. Especially as it coincided with the viewing of this video:

- We saw a snapping turtle on Smith Circle. It was scary.

I saw a baby box turtle at the barn and it was the size of a quarter! It was cute.

- We have been house sitting for a few families in the area and it has been tons of fun! If anyone is going away and wants a cute couple to stay in their house, we are up for the job. And we really like dogs.

- Beau comes to work with me on Mondays and we have fun.

- We went to see the cherry blossoms with Zack and Jocelyn and Millie over conference weekend and had a grand time. Jocelyn takes good pictures. I am a little embarrassed at my schleppy appearance in this photo, but not embarrassed enough to not post it.
- A few weeks ago, I was teaching a 7 year old girl on her pony Simon.  Everything was going fine until he spooked at who knows what and she ended up falling off.  I went to her to dust her off and put her back on, and much to my surprise I find her with blood squirting out above her elbow and a bone sticking a few inches out of her arm. Hello! The poor girl was very brave and didn't cry too hard while we waited for the ambulance.  Unfortunately, the healing process isn't going as well as predicted and SEVEN surgeries later, she is still in the hospital. I believe she is supposed to come home on Monday.

Blogger is being really slow. Until next time, friends!


  1. Schleppy is a great word. I don't think I've every said it, but I'll start now. How on earth did you think of using it?

  2. yay you're alive! also, I owe you a phone call. I'm kind of the sucks. also, brock is growing a beard now that he's done with school and wants to swap beard pics with beau.

  3. Man oh man! What a brave little girl. Was this your first time with the Harry Potter series?? Can I see you again soon?