Tuesday, September 28, 2010

a wedding of the century!

Last weekend, this cute couple got married in the DC temple.

We don't really know Tim yet, but we're excited to have him in the family! And anyone who grew up in the DC area is okay in my book. Ashley has great style that showed in every aspect of the decoration and the reception was perfect.

 This picture cracks me up:

Carson was told to act like a soldier and he stayed just like this. Even when all the other children were running away and Ashley had gotten up.

Tyler and Beau at the yummy dinner the night before with my cousin Camilla's baby, Kingsley. I believe he (the baby, not Beau or Tyler) had an accident, hence the nakedness.

ALSO, our quick trip to Virginia allowed us to meet up with Zack, Jocelyn, and Amelia! Thanks for the picture, Jocie! Millie is a doll.

I want to go back. ASAP. If anyone wants to offer Beau a job in the DC area let us know.

Then, back in Utah, it was century time. We did the Heber Valley century, 100 miles from Heber, north to Kamas and beyond.

We did some of this

A little of this

But mostly a lot of this


  1. love the pics! i can't wait to see more pics of the wedding, it looks amazing!

    and huge congrats on the century, you're an inspiration.

  2. you are pretty (so is ashley; i'd never seen her!)

    and you are a hott biker

    so jealous

  3. Way to go you two! You're both so buff!