Thursday, January 8, 2009

Now that we're back to reality...

Why do the first few weeks of the semester have to be so crazy? We've been busy getting schedules organized, running to target (so far we've spent $700. Yeah gift cards!), researching insurance, buying/selling textbooks, and looking for better jobs.

Conveniently, my computer's power cord broke so I have no access to honeymoon pictures. A new one should be arriving in the mail shortly. To tide you over (since I know you're dying to see them) here are some favorite wedding photos!

It was surprisingly a really nice day (the high was 60 degrees, I think) which was very lucky since I never got around to getting half sleeves added to the dress. The temple was busy with more than 15 brides that day, but everything went very smoothly. We had a family luncheon at Mariachi's in Leesburg and then Beau and I were off to our week in DC and Middleburg.

Beau calls this one his gay pose.

I love that the shoes were the only thing I was wearing that was actually mine. Everything else was borrowed- dress, necklace (my grandmother's), veil, slip, even the bra. Yup.

Thanks for the veil, Katie! And for the hair, Page!

Don't even try to get within 5 feet of me and my hoop skirt.

My mom did the bouquet. Didn't she do a good job?

Honeymoon pictures to follow, eventually!


  1. Gorgeous pictures!!!!!! Congratulations, you two!!!

  2. Oh YAY!! This is what I've been waiting for for SO LONG!! Ok, not that long. And I forgot you borrowed my veil...haha. Sweet. You guys are so cute!

  3. It was fun seeing your engagement and wedding pictures at the reception. I loved your bouquet. Your mom is a real talent!

  4. everything was beautiful. we are so glad we got to be a part of it. good luck getting settled!

  5. I said this on facebook, but I love your pictures. Be so happy you got really great ones! Thanks for letting us be part of your day.