Monday, March 24, 2014

what we've been up to in the past couple months

Why is it that when I actually do have some sort of life update to post about, I still don't blog?

So, changes for Beau and I. First of all, Beau has been working as an intern for AOL since July 2013. The position was always the kind of thing that would most likely turn into a permanent position, but as these things go, you never actually know what will happen. So ever since last fall, Beau's boss (who really liked him, duh) had been trying to get Beau hired at AOL. These things take time, you know, so naturally Beau continued to look for work elsewhere as a backup plan. AOL has a great campus (full gym? gourmet cafeteria? scooters to ride in the hallways? why not!) and is 10 minutes from our apartment. THEN, sometime in February, Beau got an interview with KPMG. And then another. And another. And the next thing he knew, both AOL and KPMG were offering Beau permanent positions in the same week. While AOL would certainly be the more convenient and fun position, we both felt that KPMG would be the better career choice and provide more opportunities. So here we are! Beau has been at KPMG for 2 weeks now and so far it's been really great.

So while all that was going on, I was getting reeeeally sick of commuting to Gainesville for not my dream job. I mean, I really don't mind the actual work and I like my coworkers, but I guess I just decided that it was time to move on. A couple of fortuitous snow days allowed me some time to email every person on the planet (or stake) to see what kind of job opportunities might be out there for me. And long story short, things fell into place just so that I felt comfortable quitting my job to pursue what I actually want to do with my life. I got connected with an ABA therapist in the area to be trained to work with autistic children, and I also wanted to get some students to teach riding lessons again. I knew I wouldn't be able to do therapy and lessons full time (not yet, anyway), so when I told Don's Johns I was resigning, I was lucky enough that they are letting me work part time (and remotely!) for as long as I am able. How great is this? So right now I have three jobs. Ha. I still go to Gainesville a couple times a week, but I have a good amount of lessons students and two days of doing ABA therapy. And lots more room for growth!

So that's that. I love how much I love our apartment (thanks, parents!) because I spend more time in it now working from home. That reminds me, I've been meaning to do a little photo tour of our place to show it off. Also because I need help. Decorating skills evade me. How sad is it that I have on my to do list to browse pinterest for ideas and my "home ideas" board is still pretty empty?

As for other things going on, Beau's school is going well, and he's almost done with his second full year. One more year to go! Not that I'm the one doing the work or anything. He goes to China in May with his class! how exciting. Maybe Beau will do a guest blog post about that.

Okay, so a blog post is no good without pictures, so here's some stuff from my/Beau's phone:

Running on a snow day with my neighbor! Incidentally, this was also the snow day I decided to get serious about job hunting.

we took Adriel to the Lego movie for her birthday!

Crazy snow. Maybe even a different day than the running picture.
This is another way I spend my snow days. Cycling and the Wii.

Beau's grandfather passed away and he and his immediate family went to Reno for the funeral

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