Tuesday, January 14, 2014

random blog post on this wonderful Sunday

Can we talk about how great 9am church is? I'm home by 12:30, and the rest of the day is free for lounging, going for walks, napping..... oh and reading scriptures and general conference talks of course.

I really have no particular plan for a blog post, except for that a sufficient amount of time has passed that I feel like I should make an appearance. But, I really like the photos from our Thanksgiving hike, and posting something new will push that down from the top of the page. MY LIFE IS HARD.

So, December. Time to blog about December. We started off the month by going to my work Christmas party, which is always a fun time. My office is becoming a lot more cohesive and fun; I quite like my job in general except for the long commute. The Christmas party was especially fun because I was awarded person of the year for accounting. It sure helps that the department is small and there has been some turnover, leaving it up to process of elimination.

Nancy was out of town for the holidays, so I was happy to fill in for a few days at the barn. Beau and I fed/cleaned stalls Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. I tried to snap a picture of the ponies all their heads out of the stall, but they were just mad I was standing there instead of giving them their breakfast.

Naturally, this is the only picture I took on Christmas Day. We also made crepes, I went running, we went to the Tagg's for some feasting, etc. etc.

Random photo of me in my favorite Christmas gift- these boots from my mother in law! They are great. Also note that there are 5 containers of ice cream in the shopping basket. I regret nothing.

Oh, and our anniversary! Well, I think this was the day after. But we went to the temple on the weekend of our anniversary. It worked out nicely that when we were leaving, it was dark and all the lights were on.

I think New Year's may have been just as fun as Christmas. Beau and I and my cousin Shawney had registered for the Brambleton 10k. Beau has been joining my running club on the Thursday night track workouts. It's been a great motivator for both of us. I had hopes of running a certain pace, but I had never actually ran 6 miles at my goal pace before.  I was kind of nervous/excited, as if it were a long race or something. I ran really well and felt good the whole time, coming in under my goal of 50 minutes. I was super surprised when checking the official results to see that not only was I 15th overall for women, but there was no one above me in the 20-29 age group. I accomplished one of my life long goals of getting on the podium at a race!

Also, my running club signed up as a team, and they take the top four finishers on each team for a cumulative time. My team won first for the 10k, so I even got a medal, too!

I'm looking through my phone to see what other photos I can post, and I don't have anything! No cute pictures of Soren from when Ashley and Tim were at the hourse for a couple weeks. Nothing from the litle cabin where we stayed on a quick overnighter on the AT. No pictures of Truman really excited to get a pony ride or the girls feeding sugar cubes to the horses. Someone needs to be more quick on the trigger with their phone. I'M LOOKING AT YOU, BEAU.
(That's a total joke. Beau should start counting how many times I leave my phone in my purse or car all day or say "hey.... can you call my phone? I can't find it.")
Sorry this is a super lame blog post. It's been sitting in my drafts for 10 days now.... so happy end of 2013! Now I can move onto January.

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