Wednesday, March 6, 2013

snow day! snow day!

The DC area is having a snow day today! Winters in northern Virginia often means unexpected days off from school. My sister Page and I used to set up "Dickson Diner Cafe" and print out menus for the rest of the family to order breakfast. Page, I guess Texas won't offer you any opportunities for snow days!

I've been meaning to post for a while, but I have been so so busy with work. We moved to a new office in Gainesville, reducing my commute to about 17 minutes. The gym is just across the street, so I am loving my new daily routine.

So, some photos over the past month:

Baby Cate's birthday! What a darling girl.

The DC Rock 'n Roll marathon is less than two weeks away. Ahh! Surprisingly (or not), I'm kind of enjoying my super long Saturday runs. But mostly, I enjoy the excuse for the rest of the weekend to lay around and do nothing. 

A lot of times I call Beau- "Come get me. I'm tired." "Are you hurt? Stranded? Where are you?" "The front yard."

He usually obliges.

You can pretend I cropped out his ninja turtle feet
We didn't let the snow deter us from this little day hike on the AT a few weekends ago. We have our first overnighter since we've been back planned for this weekend. My parents booked a PATC cabin for Friday night- really an enclosed shelter- so we're looking forward to that.

Oh, AT friends, does this look familiar?

We went to my parent's last weekend for Adriel's birthday party and to go to the temple. How did I not take any pictures of the birthday girl?? 

Sunday morning, Adriel and I got out my American Girl doll. It's funny how I'm still as careful and protective of her as I was when I was 10.

And here we are, up to date on this slushy day off. Beau is being productive, studying and looking for jobs. I'm watching Animal Hoarders, writing this post, and perusing the internets. We went for a nice walk, got a redbox, and are all ready to snuggle.

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  1. Snow days rock!

    Hope you enjoyed your overnighter!

    I totally know what you mean about being protective of your American Girl doll. No one will ever mess up my Kiersten's braids!

    Too many good things to comment on in this post. :)