Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Buena Vista, VA to Waynesboro, VA

Mile 856

We're here in Waynesboro to get a quick resupply to last us till Saturday when my parents come again. We're so lucky to have my parents be so supportive and willing to come see us, bring food, and give us a ride to church.

Waynesboro has been super hiker friendly. We were hiking with a guy and were planning on hitching to town together. He got to the road a little ahead of us and a car pulled over before he even got his thumb out. "Need a ride to town?" He told the driver he was with two other people and we might be a few minutes, and the guy said he didn't mind waiting. He gave us a little tour of the town, pointing out the church where hikers can stay for free, and dropped us off at the Chinese buffet.

It started pouring rain while we were eating. Awesome, because we were inside, but not awesome because our packs were outside and exposed. Luckily everything was okay and we're glad to be in this church basement tonight. They have showers, computers, breakfast, movies, all free for hikers.Since there isn't a ton to report and we still have 20 minutes till lights out (10:30 is way past my bedtime), I'll go on a little more.

It's amazing what weird things you think about when all you do is hike all day. In the beginning, when I was solo, I hiked with random people sometimes and it was fun learning about new people. I hiked with a girl for about a week and it was nice to have an audience who didn't know all my stories, and who I enjoyed hearing from as well. Sometimes there would be an amiable silence and we might say, "Okay... We need to talk about something. Tell me about your favorite family vacation." And that would occupy us for a few more miles.

Beau and I have come up with a few games. One is where the first person sings a few lines from any song. "Everybody hurts sometimes" Then the next person uses any word from the line and sings another lyric from a song that contains that word. "Sometimes I feel like I am drunk behind the wheel" Then the next person continues on with a different word. "Jesus take the wheel".

Welp, time to get going, and into the Shenandoahs we go!

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  1. Nice pictures, keep 'em coming!

    About games, I thought about printing out common board games on printable Tyvek, wonder what you think of that?

    Hike on!
    ~ Mark