Friday, February 17, 2012


The past few weekends we've done some fun things, but I didn't take ANY pictures.  So instead of being able to document our Spy Museum trip, game night with friends, bike rides, dinner party, more games with friends, temple trip, or a Superbowl party.... I have nothing.  But I decided to make up for it this weekend.

My goal was to document everything we did.  I had moderate success.

We made pizza on Friday night, a common occurrence, especially when Harris Teeter has dough for a $1 on the weekly ad.
first layer of toppings, and me looking like I'm about to stab myself

Beau's self portrait

I highly recommend making pizza on the barbeque.  You roll out your dough and put it on the grill for a minute or two (just on one side).  Then top your pizza on the side that's been cooked.  Put it back on the grill for a minute or two and you're done!

Saturday was a busy day for us.  Beau took the much anticipated GMAT, the aptitude test for business school.   He's been studying SO MUCH over the past couple months, and he did really well.  He'll be applying to a few local school and maybe a couple others as well.  Details to follow.

So while Beau was having a super fun time taking the GMAT, I went running and used my Groupon for a massage! Ha.

I found a wetlands refuge!
This is my first run in quite a while, as I've been resting some tendonitis.  I was/am really afraid of it preventing me from thru hiking, so I've been playing it really safe and not running. At all. Huge bummer (Who am I? Who likes running, anyway?) and I miss my long run Saturdays.   Anyway, it's finally at the point where I have no residual tension on my ankle and I'm looking forward to getting back to (short... slow...) runs.


The remainder of the day:

- Drop by to Z&J's
yes, Millie is always dressed cute, even when just lounging on a lazy day
- Perusing F Street

Amorini Panini

love this pay by the ounce stuff
- The National Portrait Gallery, something I'd never done before but I definitely suggest for best DC museums.  And the building is amazing! Will someone please have their wedding reception there and invite me?
- The Holocaust Museum's Nazi propoganda exhibit
(My goal to take documenting photos is clearly slipping....)
- As luck would have it, we ran into Steve and Lauren at Costco and spent the evening with them
Hooray for fun Saturdays!

Sunday we went on a delightfully cold walk on the first day that has actually felt like winter.

Then we went to church and made Valentine's cookies and that is THE END.

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