Friday, January 27, 2012


I love having a routine.  I love having a schedule.

(Unless I'm on vacation, in which case the only scheduled activities should be meals, reading, and watching animal planet.)

After Jimmy went back into retirement, I found myself a little lost in the evening.  Get home from work at 5:30 and then.... what now?  Beau has been going to the library most evenings to study for the upcoming GMAT, and the other nights are occupied by basketball.  I remember just a few months ago when I LONGED for just an hour of free time or hanging around with just Beau.  Now I find myself looking for new things. Book club? Don't mind if I do. Actually putting time into visiting teaching? Sure!

Over time, I've developed a schedule that makes me happy. Admittedly (embarrassingly?) way more chill than ever before.  Monday is library night. Tuesday is Power Pump class. Wednesday is Biggest Loser. Thursday is yoga night. Friday is make-a-treat-from-Pinterest night.

I find so much comfort in daily, hourly, minute-ly routines. After my morning workout, I set out my station at locker #94- gym bag in the middle, work clothes on the right, lotion and deodorant on the left, shower shoes on my feet and towel hanging by the door. Get to work, wake up computer, make my morning oatmeal- 1 packet + 2 handfulls oats + smidge of coffee creamer. Bed time: pack gym bag for the morning, brush/floss, roll around on the foam roller, read scriptures, read my personal book, prayers, cuddle, sleep.

I wonder what my schedule will turn into when I'm on the AT. (I was trying to keep this a thru hike free post.... nope.)  The routine I'll have for breaking camp, packing my backpack, and planning the mileage every day.  Systems for resupply and zero days.  Sometimes I think of it like any other time you have major changes in your life- things will be different, but I can adapt! I can adapt and create normalcy. A new kind of normal.

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