Tuesday, December 27, 2011

gettin our craft on

Christmas for the Holmes girls:

The unidentifiable princess on the far right is actually a prince with Justin Bieber hair.   These little figures fit perfectly in the Tonka ambulance and helicopter, so these princesses are rescuing/being rescued left and right.

Christmas for the Otto boys (and each of our Primary kiddies):

This one is Carson's, and Everett got a slightly smaller and thus easier version as well.

Parks families- don't show your kids this because they will probably receive the same or similar thing next year. Our creativity only goes so far.

Every Sunday for our Primary class:

Beau draws these for most of our Primary lessons. These are just a few of my faves.

Instructions for those who care after the jump.
Princess figures, orginally from here.
These little figures are "game pieces" from the wood section of the craft store.  The rest is pretty self explanatory... paint on the dresses and hair and eyes! We didn't trace every detail like the orginal blogger did.  Beau has a pretty good eye for stuff like this.  After they dried, we painted a sealant on the figures to prevent chipping. And cut down pom poms to glue on for Tiana and Cinderella's hair.  The box was a last minute addition and fits the princesses perfectly.

These little blocks are 1" x 1" squares at the craft store.  I printed out 6 pictures that could be cut down to 3" x 4" on cardstock paper. I'm sure regular photo paper would work, too.  On the back of the photo we drew a grid to outline where we would cut out the photo squares.  It actually needs to be a little smaller than 1 inch because you don't want the paper to be hanging off the edge. Anyway. Mod Podge the photo on the block, wait to dry, and Mod Podge over top.
You should mostly be impressed at my Mod Podge proficiency.  Youtube showed me how to use it.
Coloring Pages
Have innate art talent like Beau and draw a picture during Sacrament meeting.


  1. Carson keeps bugging me to paint the rescue people... come help!

  2. I love those crafts... so cute! And Beau is quite the talented artist! :)