Friday, August 13, 2010

timpanogos, steve holt, and a new computer.

Another thing checked off our Utah to-do list: Hike Timp.

 You'd THINK the summit was actually the peak a little to the right, but depth perception gets little thrown off. Get out your binoculars and check. You'll see the little hut that marks the top.

Oh, hey Beau.

K I'm going to brag for a second. (Since that's what this whole blog thing is all about. Don't lie. You do it too.) For once, I was physically more capable than Beau. I believe these words came out of his mouth: "Do you ever get tired?" As the hours/miles went on it became clear my hours of cardio work actually pays off a little bit. Breaks are for wusses.

Mountain goats. These guys defy gravity.

Nice little climb closer to the summit.

Some genius was apparently an Arrested Development fan. STEVE HOLT!

Happy Valley. Someday I will leave you.

The aftermath. Little sunburned/wiped out Beau slept from 7pm to 9am. 

(Note the empty container of ice cream on the floor)

On an unrelated note, THIS is what $140 will get you on

Kids, never buy anything new ever again. Basically new computer with Microsoft and Anti Virus already installed on it. Anyone now of an easy way to get all your iTunes switched over to a new computer?


  1. If you have an external hard drive that's a really easy way to do it. You just put your songs from your laptop to the hard drive and then on the new computer. That's how I did it when I switched computers.

  2. Will you find me a new computer just like that? Winston is the worst for Craigslisting.

  3. Also, Sunday the 22nd do you want to come up to Layton to see us?

  4. I can pick up the computer then, thanks.

  5. haha we LOVE arrested development!

  6. Congrats on hiking Timp - quite the accomplishment! We love the picture of Beau on the couch after the climb. Miss you guys. - D & C

  7. Timp is a great hike! (once was enough for me though). Beau- it looks like you were carrying another human with the size of that backpack! Geesh! Can't wait to see you waterskiing next week! Holla!