Thursday, March 18, 2010

taxes, yogurt, and basketball.

Where have we been? I wish I could report some cool stuff we've been doing, like doing triathlons or getting awesome summer internships or at least finishing starting painting our room, but no. February was just a boring month, and all it got were 2 fake blog posts. March just feels better. Spring is here! I'm riding outside! Beau's going golfing! The semester is ending in four weeks!

Recent accomplishments:
- Finishing taxes. Did everybody know BYU offers a free tax service? The accounting students practice on you. (Don't worry, they check each other.) Room 332 of the Tanner building- check it out. So thanks, Jon, for checking that off our to do list. And thanks Obama, for the return.
- Speaking of government things, Beau is working for the census. There's a call center in Sandy and he answers calls of people with questions. Specifically, Russian people. So, fill out your census, and if you have a question call Beau!
- My interviewing job is just about wrapped up, so I've been working as a secretary in the JFSB for the past few months. I like it. Unfortunately, I knew going into it I could only work there for the semester, so that will be ending at the end of April.
- A few home decor additions, but that will be for a later post.
- I made YOGURT. No joke. Which is really the whole reason why I'm updating the blog today.

So I'm pretty much never buying yogurt again.

The first time I tried it, I failed. Although now that I've researched the techniques of yogurt in the crockpot, I probably could have saved it. The second time, I changed two things: I used whole milk (recommended for first timers) and I wrapped the crockpot better. So now I don't know which change fixed it, although I think it's the latter because I've read that many other people have used low fat.

You can find the recipe on the recipe blog I have with my darling former roommates here.

Annnd the only recent photo I have is of Beau's intramural basketball team after their first round tourney win. Pretty impressive, because the team really isn't all that good.

Don't worry, I cut Beau's hair a couple days later.

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  1. I am all over that homemade yogurt thing! Thanks for sharing the recipe :)